Refrigerant For Gearbox

How to cool the gearbox or gearbox in the wind turbine? According to the original approach, it may be to install some cooling devices to ensure that the gear reducer motor can be used properly. Inside is a cooling spiral pipe, connected with some cooling water. When the cooling water passes through the spiral pipe, the heat will be transferred to the cooling water, and the heat will be transferred out, so as to achieve the cooling effect. The disadvantage of using cooling water is that the flow rate of cooling water should not be too large, and the speed reduction motor must be able to pass through the gear arbitrarily. If you don't work for a long time, you will be in danger of freezing. You must drain the cooling water clean.


Our fluorinated refrigerant can solve these defects perfectly. Reasonable cooling of gears can improve efficiency, and the corresponding service life will be extended. If you happen to need a solution in this area, please contact us by mail.

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