Refrigerant For Refrigerator

Refrigerator is a kind of refrigeration equipment which keeps a constant low temperature, and also a kind of civil product which keeps food or other articles in a constant low temperature and cold state. There is a compressor or, ice maker for freezing cabinet or box, with refrigeration device storage box. 

The characteristic of the products:

Ideal chemical inertia and can be widely used in various temperature-controlled heat dissipation occasions;

The low boiling point is a very moderate one. There is evaporation in the course of work, which take heat away through the heat of evaporation, thus ensuring the heating parts can work well and stably;

Non-dangerous goods, non-flammable and non-explosive, no fire point and flash point;

Good electrical insulation, extremely high breakdown voltage above 40KV;

The dielectric constant below 2 doesn`t make data lost in data center applications ;

Good fluidity, lower viscosity than clear water; Can flow well and dissipate heat in the temperature control system;

7  Nontoxic, harmless, non-irritating;

8  Environmentally friendly, have ODP value of 0 and extremely low GWP value

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